Paul Sadot


First, special thanks go to my supervisors Dr Clare Parfitt and Dr Victoria Hunter, whose support, patience, empathy and encouragement has been unwavering and whose knowledge and advice has been invaluable. I really do feel very lucky to have had them guide me through this complex process.

Thank you to the incredible open-minded dance artists who worked with me throughout the practice research: Joshua Nash, Jordan Douglas and Christina Dionysopoulou. Additional thanks go to Lisa Rowley and Mickael (Marso) Riviere who joined me at various stages of practice.

A wide ensemble of people have appeared throughout the course of my PhD to make invaluable contributions be they artistic, empathetic, supportive or questioning. In no particular order, I would like to thank: Dr Claire Moon, Liz Hill, Professor Alexandra Carter, Jo Carter, Marco Santucci and Elaine Constantine, Dr Moira Faul, John McGrath, Martin (Visceral) Stannage, Lee Griffiths, Botis Seva, Robert Hylton, Jonzi D, Kwame Asafo-Adjei, Victoria Shulungu, Flaviana Sampaio, Natalie Rowland, Janet Carter, Howard, Pauline and Oscar Romp, Contact Theatre, Brendan Kearney, Samriye Aden-Dirie, Dr Stephen
Pritchard, Leonie Higgins, Xristina Penna and Mathilde (when I was starting out). If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me.

A special thanks goes to Benji Reid, an inspiring artist and a wonderful friend who has caught me in freefall several times during my doctoral journey. His artistic pathway maintains constant and fearless momentum and in this way his inspiration and support extend into my life, encouraging me to dwell in the turbulence of what often feels like a solitary journey.

Words are not enough to acknowledge the support and love freely given by my long-time friend and sometime artistic collaborator Leo Kay, whose humour, wise words and generosity has truly carried me through some tumultuous moments during my doctoral study. He too has caught me on the precipice many times. We all have unfinished business and witnessing his evolving process(es) of fermentation is truly amazing and inspiring.

Love and thanks go to my sister Michelle who has always and unfalteringly been there to support me throughout…

Finally, thanks, love and respect to my incredible daughters Jade and Arielle who put joy and soul into my life and life into perspective.